What Is Your Type Of Face?

Poor diet is the main culprit of the bad idea of ​​facial skin.

Mal facial skin appears as wrinkles, redness, blisters, swollen eyelids, pimples and other activities of the face.

Skin different types of problems are indicated

skin is a mirror of general health, especially when it comes to certain problems that recur frequently. The reason for this is the poor nutrition and little tolerance organism ie reaction to a particular food.

Also, check the information presented graphs revealing the consequences in the form of four types of faces:

  • of sensitive face wine ie, alcohol
  • of the sensitive face sugar
  • sensitive face gluten
  • face sensitive to dairy products

1.Vine face


  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • eyelids lowered
  • redness around the eyes
  • large pores
  • dehydrated skin with dandruff in some areas close to the cheeks
  • red cheeks and nose

all the above symptoms are caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

2.Gluten face


  • Swollen and cheeks red
  • acne that occur next to the jawline
  • pigmentation in the areas around the chin

About 15% of people are sensitive to gluten. The “swollen face” is the most common symptom and occurs as a result of inflammation, the body produces in response to gluten, which can not digest. A common condition is rosacea, which is redness of the skin, ie, the transparent face with prominent capillaries.

3.Dairy face


  • Swollen eyelids and the area under the eyes expressed dark circles
  • The appearance of small white spots on the face, especially on the chin

These are signs that the organism is lactose intolerant due to the loss of certain enzymes.

4.Sugar face


  • Wrinkles and lines on the forehead
  • The swelling under the eyes
  • Feeling thinning dry skin
  • Occurrence subcutaneous rash

sugar causes a process in which molecules bind to collagen, due to which it becomes stiff and the skin loses its elasticity.

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