Nisha wa Bongo Movies: 10 Compliments Your Kids Need To Hear

I believe the children are our futuroEnséñeles well and let them lead the caminoMostrarles all the beauty they possess the interiordarles a sense of pride to make it more fácilDeje laughter of children remind us how we used serTodo the world is in search of a héroeLa people need someone to look hastaNunca I found anyone who fulfilled my necesidadesUn lonely place for Sery and learned to depend on me Our children need to hear words of affirmation of us every day. It is sometimes easy to forget that our children have the same deep emotional needs, we do. But when we go out of our way to sincerely compliment them, to increase their self-esteem and our connection with them. If you are looking to form a deeper connection with your children, consider how you can adapt one of these 10 met specifically for them.

1. I love watching you play
Do you fall into the trap of only congratulate your child when successful at something? Instead, try to complementing their efforts either on the football field, in the classroom or help around the house. Teach your children that the effort is not always the result that matters. This is the fastest way to build a healthy self-esteem.

2. I am very glad I chose to spend time with me today
If you do not make an effort to reach out to our children, will run in the opposite direction. When your child decides to spend some time hanging out with dear father, complementing their use of time. Let him know that you appreciate their effort to reach.

3. You did a great job doing just that
efforts of our children independence sometimes fall flat, but that does not mean that we rebuking the poor boy. Every time your child is independence, recognize and reward their efforts.

4. I like your friends
As our children grow, you lose some influence in the friend department. When your child brings home friends approve of, let him know. Despite evidence to the contrary, she wants your approval. She will listen to your opinion about friends when it is presented in a positive way.

5. You look great today
One of the best gifts we can give our children is a healthy body image. When you compliment a feature that the child can not change, such as eye color or body composition, it sends the message that beauty is something you have or are lacking. Instead, supplement proper preparation, choosing appropriate clothing and a winning smile; all things your child can control.

6. Thank you for your attitude today
Sooner or later we have to do things you do not want to do . Leave your child with the message that counts attitude, even when you are in a bad situation.

7. It is so cool that has learned that
Childhood and adolescence come with milestones. They did not let go unnoticed. When your child has mastered a difficult mathematical concept or brings home a permit, make your enthusiasm coincides with the joy of his son. Share in their triumphs.

8. I breathe
Sometimes, children become infected as the feeling that are below their parents. While parents deserve respect, children need to hear that bless your life as you bless him. Tell them how much we appreciate their creativity and energy and how your example affects you for good.

9. You’re a big brother or sister
Sibling relationships can cause a little drama, so supplement their children when they make an effort the peace process. When your child an argument that deserves recognition, both for its own sake and to inspire other children at home spreads.

10. I am grateful that you are part of our family
Bad days come and go. Children grow and change, but your child needs to feel secure in place in the family. As she goes to school, becomes independent, and finally leaves her house, she needs to know you will always have a special place in his heart and family
unit I decided long ago not to walk in the shadows of nadieSi can not, if I have éxitoPor least I’ll live as I creoNo matter what they take from Mino can remove my dignidadDebido to the greatest love of todosMe is pasandoHe found the greatest greatest love of todosDentro honey love todosEs easy to conseguirAprender to love themselves mismoEs the greatest love of all And if, by chance, there especialQue has been soñandoque leads to a place solitarioEncuentra your strength in love

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