We all have clothes we like, whether perfect fit for us, or is so comfortable that we spend all day on it. Whatever the reason is, we use this piece of clothing constantly, sometimes for several days. It has probably happened to you after arriving in the evening from a trip, immediately to put your favorite clothes in the washer, and immediately after the dryer, in order to be ready for the next morning. Once I dried my favorites with a hair dryer pants .. No love laugh Ah ..

Over time, our favorite pants are damaged, especially fists. If we use them for a long period, ending with the fabric frayed cuffs. The same applies to the pants we buy for our children. Because they grow very fast, usually we buy clothes several sizes larger, so they end up in the same way.

On many occasions, we need a seamstress to hem pants. This can cost a lot of money and, in the end, you can get your pants away from the originals. However, we have great news. There is a simple and easy way to make this type of problem on their own. You can learn how to cut and hem pants line and not lose the initial edge.

Do it yourself divas, popular YouTubers, make videos in which amazing tricks on DIY decoration, hairstyles, clothes, cleaning products and many others are provided. In this video, which has seen more than 1.3 million viewers, that show you step by step how to hem pants, and maintain its original appearance as like bought in the store, with its original cut end .

know you’ll love this handy trick, because if you have the time, you can hem your pants, without help, which means you will save your money, and surely you’ll love the pants look after.

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